I am a graduate student at MIT's Department of Economics (Data, Economics and Development Policy program) and an Economist (on leave) at the Economic Research Department of the Mexican central bank, Banco de México. 

Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies in Economics and Political Science at ITAM.

I am interested in combining economic theory, econometrics, data analysis techniques, and computational methods to inform economic policies and design political institutions conducive to welfare gains. While broadly curious, my current research interests focus on causal identification methods and quantitative spatial models for studying phenomena in political economy, international trade, and economic development. Moreover, I'm increasingly interested in the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to natural language processing (NLP) and causal inference. When not working on these issues, I enjoy playing classical guitar, rowing/sailing on the Charles, hiking and playing squash.

Please note that the views or statements herein do not necessarily reflect those of Banco de México, the MIT Department of Economics or any of my affiliations.

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